Overnight stays between brewing art and nature

The Warsteiner world guest house

Situa­ted direct­ly by the Warsteiner World, next to the bre­we­ry, is the Warsteiner World guest house. Embed­ded in the beau­ti­ful land­s­cape around War­stein, the guest house is an ide­al star­ting-point for guests plan­ning to explo­re the Warsteiner bre­we­ry, or for tho­se who want to take a trip into the natu­re of the Sauer­land. In the spa­cious and rede­co­ra­ted rooms, which are fur­nis­hed in an attrac­ti­ve coun­try-house style, you will find all the modern amen­ities for a plea­sant stay. The Warsteiner World guest house is a hotel gar­ni. Our exten­si­ve bre­ak­fast buf­fet is par­ti­cu­lar­ly popular.

Warsteiner Welt Guest house Breakfast buffet
Warsteiner world Overnight stay campsite


Direct­ly next to the Warsteiner World is an area of more than 4000 m² for cara­vans and cam­per vans. The camp­si­te offers 30 spa­cious pit­ches with electric hook-ups. In addi­ti­on, a num­ber of par­king spaces are avail­ab­le for guests which can be used espe­cial­ly when events are taking place.

Warsteiner world Overnight stay campsite

The Warsteiner Welt was awar­ded the Tra­vel­lers’ Choice Award 2020.

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